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Winter Beauty Guide

Winter is about spending more time indoors, taking care of yourself, practicing selflove. Try out these beauty expert tips to make sure you don’t miss out on the winter magic.

Red and Irritated Skin

Red and Irritated skin If your skin is sensitive and the cold is making it scream for help, our CBD Oil Booster can be your best friend. Pair it with your favorite moisturizer and see your skin calming down and its protective barrier being rebalanced. CBD is indeed known for its highly anti-inflammatory properties that are used to reduce irritation and redness. It is also a potent ally in the combat against acne, psoriasis, aging, wrinkles, excess sebum and free radicals.

Puffy Eyes

If waking up early in the morning tends to be slightly unpleasant, if its dark outside the experience becomes worst. Puffy eyes can be really annoying, but the Caffeine Booster can help reduce the puffiness, especially when paired with an eye cream.

Dry Hands

Winter is the worst nightmare of our hands! The cold makes them dry and cracks can form and become really painful. Constant washing only makes the situation worst. Hydrating soaps can be your best ally while leaving a delightful floral scent on your hands.

Dehydrated Skin

Winter can really take a toll on your skin. The low humidity, cold and harshness of the season can lead to tight pores and reduced circulation and sebum production, which means dry skin becomes a reality we have to deal with. Our Hydra Boost Gel works like a tall glass of water for your skin: feel the light hydration instantly.