About Us


Laura Var is a brand created by young minds that want to make a difference in the beauty industry, by transparently delivering high quality products suitable for all skin types. This is our main goal. Taking makeup and skincare to the next level.

Sustainability at Laura Var

Laura Var was born in Portugal, a country where the sea is part of the culture. It is our duty to protect what we are given. We try our best to create products that use sustainable ingredients and come in recyclable/recycled packaging and limit the use of single-use plastic.

Meet our team

Our team is composed of Gen Zs, who aren't afraid to be daring, bold, and creative. All with a passion for makeup, skin care and the environment.
We want people to be able to express themselves without judgement and use products that neither cause harm to our bodies, nor to the Earth. We are the future, and the future starts now.