Laura Var wants to make a difference in the beauty industry, and give people the possibility to play with safe beauty products that do not harm our beloved planet. This is our main goal. Taking makeup to the next level.

Laura Var Gives Back : Ocean

Laura Var was born in Portugal, a country where the sea is part of the culture. Our beautiful beaches connect us directly to the ocean, making marine conservation a big concern for our people. The coast and the sea that we once knew are not the same we see today. The oceans cover 71% of the earth's surface and it is our duty to protect what we are given. For each purchase of biodegradable OCEAN glitter, we donate 1 € to the Mirpuri Foundation, who promotes the management of vast ocean resources and their sustainability and carries out initiatives to avoid the destruction of habitats, the depletion of species, pollution and other threats faced by oceans that often go unnoticed because underwater the scarring is not as evident and visible as the one we see on land.

About the founder

“Brushes, pencils and colors have always been a big part of my life: I love painting and drawing. Makeup allows us to use faces as canvas and enhance natural beauty. This company started with the idea of creating something that could be eco-friendly, but at the same time bold, daring and fun. Laura Var is here for the ones who love makeup, but that are conscious about the environment. As a 19-year-old, I notice that my generation is left with a mess of a planet: it is in our hands to figure out a way of fixing things, and we want more natural products, products that neither cause harm to our bodies, nor to the Earth. We are the future, and the future starts now.”

-Laura V.