Question What is the biodegradable glitter made from and how does it biodegrade?
AnswerThe glitter is made from an unique Modified Regenerated Cellulose. Once in the natural environment, microbes will consume the biodegradable content over a period of time. Bioglitter® SPARKLE is 92% plastic-free and independently tested to prove it actually degrades in the natural freshwater environments and not just an industrial or home composter.
Warm and wet conditions are ideal, and higher concentrations of microbes will increase the rate of biodegradation. The rate of degradation is determined by what size the eco glitter is and what condition it finds itself in.

Bioglitter® is very stable and will not biodegrade on the shelf. Biodegradation will only be initiated in compost, soil, waste-water, freshwater or marine environments where microorganisms are present.
Bioglitter® as supplied in dry form, has an indefinite shelf life providing it is stored in a dry dark, cool environment, out of direct sunlight, away from direct heat sources and not exposed to microorganisms.  However, for good manufacturing practice, we would recommend you use the product within 3 years to ensure optimal condition.

Question Are the products cruelty-free?
AnswerYes, all our products are cruelty-free.
Question Are our products vegan?
AnswerOur biodegradable glitter is vegan-friendly.
Question Is the glitter safe for children?
AnswerAbsolutetly! However, it is recommended against using it on children under 3 years old.
Question Is Laura Var doing any collaborations with Influencers?
AnswerWe love to collaborate with people that love beauty products as much as we do! Please send us an email (info@lauravar.com) so that we can talk.