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About Laura Var

There is nothing that feels as good and is as important as taking care of yourself. Having a skincare routine helps not only your skin to glow, but it can also be an extremely relaxing activity, a moment where you are alone with your thoughts, present and aware.

Using only the finest ingredients to deliver an unique immersive experience, Laura Var’s skincare is liquid pleasure in a bottle, making your mornings and evenings a ritual of self-love.

Laura Var is a brand created by young minds that want to make a difference in the beauty industry, by transparently delivering high quality products suitable for all skin types. This is our main goal. Taking makeup and skincare to the next level


Laura Var was born in Portugal, a country where the sea is part of the culture. It is our duty to protect what we were given. We try our best to create products that use sustainable ingredients and come in recycled/recyclable packaging and limit the use of single-use plastic.


2023: The Ocean Race MF Racing Team sponsorship

Laura Var sponsored the team that brought a beautiful sustainability message for clean seas across the world, “racing for the planet”. The team competes for Portugal in The Ocean Race.

2022: Mirpuri Foundation Sailing Trophy sponsor

Laura Var sponsored the event that was part of the MF Marine Conservation Program, challenging the world’s best sailors to compete for the future of the oceans

2020: Laura Var skincare production facility is powered by 100% green electricity

High quality natural and organic certified ingredients deserve to be handled in the best conditions. Our factories have low CO2 emissions, equal gender pay ratio and a part of profits donated to the community.